Fabric Blinds or Roman Blinds? Choosing What Type of Blinds Suits Your Home

In any home, there will always be windows in different areas of a room. Windows was a design to let natural light into your home. But sometimes natural light may make your home a bit too warm or too bright giving you the need to cover the windows. 

There are many types of window coverings for you to choose from so you can cover your windows from the sun. But sometimes it does not match the aesthetic of your interior design. The simplest ones you can choose from are blinds. But there are different kinds and materials blinds are made from.

What Are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are aesthetic and effective window coverings. They’re used to shield sunlight and give your home privacy. The blinds have been around for centuries, but not for the reason you would expect. 

In early times long before glass windows existed, the Romans used them to cover their windows. They covered it to shield themselves from dust coming from the Coliseum’s construction. The covering was strips of cloth, animal skins, thick paper, or anything they can find. 

This became a big deal because they found out it can do more by doing this. They found out by covering their windows also kept their homes cool by blocking sunlight. From there, this method gained popularity for keeping homes cool.

People of Rome started making window blinds with finer materials and better designs. Fast forward to the present, and now the design went to a simpler look. The blinds now move with a drawstring to lift or lower the fabric. 

Roman blinds come in many different designs, but the mechanism is all easy to use. The many fabric designs give you options that can fit the style of your home. The designs can come in different patterns, different colors, and materials.

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Other Types of Blinds

  • Vertical blinds 

These blinds are not only good for windows but glass doors too. It is made out of vinyl or fabric, depending on your preference.

  • Venetian blinds

These are the most popular blinds you can buy. It’s designed with horizontal slats made out of metal wood or plastic. Each slat is the same distance apart, suspended from between cords. When raised, it all flattens together so the window is visible when low it’s adjustable. You can tilt the slats up or down. Tilting up protects you from sunlight, and down brings sunlight.

  • Roller blinds

This is another popular option; it is a fabric you can roll up or down. Roller blinds are for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of Venetian blinds. People struggle with the drawstring since it can rise off-balance.   

The roller blinds are simple to pull it down until it locks to cover the window. If you want to open the blinds, pull it down to unlock it, then raise it. It is a simple mechanism and simple design that’s good for any home. 

  • Solar shade

These blinds are like roller blinds but cost more because of their material. It’s made out of a specific fabric that reduces the intensity of sunlight. These are perfect for homes that are around a hotter climate area.

This fabric is different from other blinds because this fabric is transparent. You would think that doesn’t do much for privacy, but you can’t see through it from outside. In your home, you can see the outside. It almost functions like a two-way mirror.

What Material are Blinds can be Made Of?

Blinds do not only have a wide variety of designs, but they are also made up of different materials. The design and materials the blinds will have are all up to your taste in aesthetics. It also depends on each room you want to have blinds installed in. 

  • Wood

Wood is the most common and popular among people who want blinds in their home. It gives a more natural and refreshing look to their interior design. It comes in different colors that fit best with the room you want it in. 

Although wood may look nice but moist and humid rooms are a big concern for these types of blinds. Woods are also prone to splitting, cracking, or breaking since it is made of natural material.

  • Faux Wood

Faux wood provides the same beauty as natural wood. Since it is from synthetic materials, it is more economical than using natural wood. Since it is not made from natural wood, faux wood blinds have no moist and humid areas.

  • Plastic

Plastic blinds are the cheapest of all the materials used for making blinds. These are placed in areas where fabric is not suitable such as the bathroom. Despite being cheap, they do not give the same fancy look compared to the wood blinds. If you have concerns for the environment, you may want to skip getting plastic blinds. 

  • Metal

Metal blinds have the same design as plastic ones and are available in bigger sizes. They can also be used in humid areas such as bathrooms since they are resistant to moisture. Metal blinds are the noisiest one of the varieties of Roman blinds since it is all made of metal which some people may not like. 

  • Paper

Paper blinds are also an economical choice for many and can blend in with different home decors. They are usually designed to have a solid color, but some have colorful paintings. Paper blinds are popular in Asia, and they may give your home a unique design.

  • Natural Fabric

This material is one of the popular choices in blind materials. The most common fabrics used for blinds are cotton, seagrass, and jute. Fabric materials are often used for roller, tie-up, and Roman blinds. It is durable and easier to clean, but the material may fade after being in the sun over time. 

  • Synthetic Fabric

This material may also be used for roller, tie-up, and Roman blinds. Like the natural fabric, it is durable and easy to clean. The only difference it has is that it is fade resistant making its beauty last longer. 

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