Buy a premium tool at cheaper prices

 Buy a premium tool at cheaper prices

SEO tools help webmasters of all kinds improve the visibility of their sites, and the ranking of their pages in organic search results, that is, without promotion. Various SEO tools give website owners the ability to improve the reach of their pages to people who are actively searching for information related to the products or services they target. To get the tools Signup from here.

Why do we use SEO tools?

SEO experts can combine several tools like Google Keyword Planner to get raw data, Google Search Console to monitor their sites and Google Analytics. Then, we resort to business intelligence tools like Power BI and Pentaho to analyze the data obtained. 

However, the problem here is that this method is ineffective to use up time and resources, in addition to that it is limited to Google, which, although it dominates the search engines market, is not the only one.

SEO tools come to replace manual data gathering and analysis, making the work of SEO professionals more professional and better at using valuable time.

There are lots of SEO tools out there that differ in the features and functionality they offer, and the audience you are targeting. In this article, we describe ten tools that SEO professionals use to improve the performance of their sites and that of their clients’ sites.

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SEO professionals use Ahrefs to monitor the process of improving the ranking of their sites in search engine results and preparing for effective and comprehensive link building campaigns, as the tool is one of the most popular and used SEO tools in this field.

Ahrefs is characterized by its high capabilities in archiving websites, indexing links and knowing what is corrupted from them, which enables to know the search times for a keyword (globally or by country), preview search engine results, and record the ranking of sites and take advantage of that to get ideas and suggestions for keywords And exploit it. It also has functions that include everything related to monitoring and comparing domains. The tool can analyze the performance of Pay Per Click ads to get the most benefit from them.

Content Explorer allows you to learn about the most popular and widespread content on the Internet by keywords and topics.

Despite the simplicity of the service interface and its ease of use, the data in the control panel may cause confusion for those who are not experienced in dealing with SEO tools, and therefore you must deal with data sets separately, to avoid confusion and confusion. Check Plans and Packages from here.


SEO platform with powerful tools for keyword research and analysis, domain monitoring, and website archiving; In addition to examining links and exploring opportunities for material benefit from the site, focusing on searching according to the type of device used (desktop computer or mobile phone). The platform shares many of the functions it provides with other tools, but it has gained great fame in the last two years due to its excellence in the field of competitor analysis and the use of the information obtained to prepare marketing campaigns that bear fruit quickly.

SEMRush uses SEO tools to get low-cost keywords from competitors, identify high-yielding search engine ads and landing pages that are most capable of driving conversion, explain others’ content strategies, and other features, almost all of which contribute to analyzing the performance of high-profile competitors and leveraging from their successful experiences. The majority of the platform’s users are small and emerging companies.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the most popular SEO tools, however it is actually not a single SEO tool, it is a comprehensive toolkit for many aspects of SEO such as link building, competitor performance analysis, search keyword exploration, and SEO analysis which helps In solving the problems faced by the sites, and thus raising the ranking of the site in the search results and developing SEO strategies.

Although the user interface is less intuitive than other services, and the learning path is longer for those with little experience in the field, Moz Pro is a good choice for many professionals and agencies of all sizes.


BuzzSumo specializes in analyzing content and searching for most popular articles and topics on website pages and across social networks. SEO professionals use this service to get content ideas, analyze the impact of the elements that they publish or that their competitors publish, learn about audience interest trends (Trends) when they start to appear, and use them in choosing the content that they will write about.

The service also allows finding influencers on social media networks, which allows to form relationships with them and thus show your brand in what they publish, and the tool can send notifications when mentioning keywords that you choose on a blog or page on social networking sites.


The SEO tools provides a lot of options for managing keywords for searching, monitoring sites and monitoring their development, and preparing interactive reports on sites. SpyFu focuses on studying competitors and analyzing their sites through ad metrics in search results and comparing them, and then getting product ideas and suggestions for the most appropriate advertising media to achieve a cost-effective product.

SpyFu service has premium user experience, it also has tools for calculating ROI and integration between marketing team and sales team; But the number of archived sites and links is fewer than other SEO tools.


Alexa site helps this site to know the arrangement of your site or any site you want in the world through a simple tool that you install on the Chrome browser or Firefox browser, and you enter your site and then open the tool, and the order of your site will appear in the world and the order of your site at the level of the most increase to the country Your site.

This tool is important that gives an incentive for site owners to pay more attention to its site and to compete with other sites not to drop its site in the ranking and work to improve it to become among the well-known sites, whether in your country or internationally.

Keywordtool is one of the most important keyword research tools, by giving you many keywords that are targeted by your audience. It works using Google Suggestions, and this is one of the important things that distinguishes it from other SEO tools.

The second thing is that you can target a group of specific countries at one time and know the search volume for the keywords in them to be able to build your strategy and marketing plan through search engines in a professional way.

The third feature of is that you can identify keywords in multiple platforms such as: (Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter), whether you work in social media marketing, or marketing Through search engines, or work in e-commerce, or even extract keywords for YouTube, you will find what makes you outperform your competitors.

Quetext one of SEO tools

Quetext intends not only to provide you with a powerful tool to track any duplicate content, but also to allow you complete security. You can rest assured that your content is safe from any unauthorized access. It is one of the leading plagiarism screening tools that are used worldwide by over two million professionals, educators, and students.

It gives you unlimited access to check plagiarism, while automatically generating results. The results are saved in a group report that you can read, export, or remove within the account. Best of all, its pro version allows you to search up to 25,000 words at once, that is, up to 50 pages. You can also export the generated report in PDF format with one click and easy to read.

Moreover, it also allows you to exclude all those sources that you don’t want to come up with. You can add any URL and the tool skip any future searches.


This tool is free, there is a fee, and each of them carries free membership features that allow you to search for only five words per day and analyze ten words per day. This is for the free membership.

The site gives the most accurate details of the extracted keywords, as it differs from the previous sites, as it gives you the sites that lead in this word and the most important topics that come to it with visits and the words that have been extracted.

All the sites mentioned in this article are free and paid sites for getting keywords. If the free subscription is suitable for you, then there is no need to make a monthly subscription, but all sites work to improve the SEO of the site or channel.


WooRank is one of digital SEO tools that provides automated website reviews as well as personalized advice to increase leads and sales.

It covers: mobile rendering, SEO, social media data, backlinks, SERP ranking, ease of use and optimized servers.

WooRank is a powerful tool for web agencies, designers, webmasters, SEO experts, and digital marketers, providing efficient services to more than 40,000 companies.

These companies rely on this tool to analyze their websites and receive easy-to-understand, actionable insights into the actions they need to a digital SEO solution that provides automated website reviews as well as personalized advice to increase leads and sales.

It covers: mobile rendering, SEO, social media data, backlinks, SERP ranking, ease of use and optimized servers.

WooRank is a powerful tool for web agencies, designers, webmasters, SEO experts, and digital marketers, providing efficient services to more than 40,000 companies.

These companies rely on this tool to analyze their websites and receive easy-to-understand, actionable insights into the actions they need to improve.


SERPstats was founded in 2013. It was only intended for keyword research at first, but after some time they created a complete SEO tools. It is an all-in-one cloud-based SEO tool that consists of these modules: Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Keyword Aggregation, Text Analytics, everything for content marketing.

Finally, there are many companies and individuals today who provide SEO tools. Before engaging them, remember that SEO is a journey, not just a destination. As websites and content evolve, so will your SEO requirements. Search engines are constantly changing the way their algorithms work as well, which means you will never get a “perfect SEO tools”. The key lies in understanding, experimentation, and dedication – the journey of a lifetime, so to speak.

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