What is The Best Type of Laser Eye Surgery to Get?

While researching which laser eye surgery is the best, it is pertinent to exposit that the best laser eye surgery is the one that is most suited for you. It will be determined by factors such as location, budget and of course, your eye condition. There are several costly hospitals in London that will provide excellent results and success for your eye issues. 

Nonetheless, it is arguably known that LASIK laser eye surgery is widely considered as the best laser eye surgery in UK. First of all, LASIK is a type of laser eye vision correction surgery that utilises a laser to reshape the eye surface, enabling it to be more effective in concentrating light, and eventually resulting in enhanced sight without the need for contact lenses or glasses. 

For many years now, LASIK has been providing an alternative to glasses or contact lenses to people – and it has continued to witness an advancement in its technology, along with the outcomes. 

Today, LASIK has achieved a great edge over other laser eye surgery types, plenty thanks to the recent technology that is revolutionising the quality of what we can see, so that we can make the best out of every moment. We’re definitely talking about the Contoura Vision which is the latest development in the laser eye surgery technique. Contoura Vision can be regarded as a form of “customised LASIK”. Otherwise called “topography-based LASIK”, it creates a highly accurate image of your eye that comprises about 22,000 special elevation areas, in order to personalise your LASIK treatment. 

Why is Contoura Vision regarded as the best LASIK laser eye surgery?

Based on an evaluation of FDA research findings, it was seen that Contoura Vision outperformed contacts and glasses in 30.9% of eyes undergoing treatment. 

Many ophthalmologists have identified Contoura Vision as the most effective laser eye surgery type. This is definitely due to a couple of amazing reasons, some of which are:

  • Effectiveness: With contoura vision, you may experience a better sight immediately after the procedure is completed. In fact, your sight will even continue to get better in the subsequent months. 

  • Quick: Depending on the degree of correction, contoura vision takes just seconds of laser treatment per eye.

  • Cool beam technology: Thanks to the advancements in technology, contoura vision features “cool beam” technology which enables only the amount of reshaping needed to give you an enhanced vision. 

  • Precision: The technology used for Contoura Vision is very precise that it allows your laser eye surgeon to reshape the delicate landscapes of the cornea, ridding off abnormalities that cause astigmatism. 

Furthermore, studies have revealed that people who receive Contoura vision treatment for sight correction have a 40% possibility of achieving sight higher than 6/6 (6/6 sight is generally regarded as the sight of normal people). Compared to other laser sight correction treatments, this procedure also results in lesser glares. As a cherry on top of the cake, the procedure is an entirely blade-free process, and this adds to why Contoura Vision is a preferred option for both doctors and patients all over the world. 

In all, the best type of laser eye surgery for you will largely be determined by your individual needs. For instance, LASIK is the most recommended surgical procedure for people who have relatively thick corneas because it is faster to heal. In this process, a flap is made in the cornea. On the other hand, LASEK (or PRK) is most suitable for individuals with naturally thin corneas, or for people whose sports or jobs may require facial contacts, such as rugby, martial arts or boxing etc., and it could lead to the dislodgement of the flap created during LASIK surgery. However, it should be kept in mind that LASEK takes more time to heal and has a higher tendency to cause dry eyes. 

In addition to the technology, your general eye health will largely affect how effective any procedure will be. The most advisable thing is to have your vision examined by your certified ophthalmologist, and if deemed eligible, you can select from the various types of laser eye correction technique based on the suitability. 

In essence, understand that whatever laser eye surgery type you go for can only correct the problem with your eyes during the time of surgery. This means that if your vision changes again, probably as a result of ageing, then you would possibly be required to use glasses or have a further procedure.

Reach out to our team of eye specialists and ophthalmologists at Optimal Vision today to know which laser eye surgery is suitable for you.


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