6 Features to Look For In The Right Electronic Medical Records


Nowadays for recording and processing the patient records we use EMR software. It means Electronic Medical Records software. Today, if you will go to the physician’s office then there will be no longer need to search your paper file from their stack. Rather, they will use EMR software for that purpose. Now a question arises: How will you decide that a particular software suite is best for you? I am going to tell you some features of this software. On the basis of these features, you can easily decide which software suite is right for you.

1. Patient Portal – The patients will get a lot of help if they will use a patient portal. By using it, they can serve themselves. With its help they will have access to:

  • Educational materials

  • Downloading forms

  • Lab results

  • Allergies

  • Immunizations

  • Medications

  • Discharge summaries

  • Recent visits to doctor

You can include the following things in the functionality of patient portal:

  • Payments

  • A form for updating contact information

  • Coverage checks and benefits

  • Scheduling appointment

  • A request form for refilling prescription

  • Securing e-mail exchange

2. Workflow – There are different sets of procedures for different types of medical practices. The software can help the users in a number of ways. For new users, it is possible to save the training time as well as the current users can also get help in saving their time if the order of operations is known to the software. Now keeping everybody on the track is possible with the customizable workflows offered by a number of EMR software products. As an example, for appointments, it is possible to automate the reminder emails.

3. Lab Integration – If you practice in a lab then for getting the sample results, degree of certainty, analysis and monitoring the delivery electronically, you can take the help of e-prescribing. But it is important to look at certain things:

·       Integration of software is done in which lab?

·       Is the lab using the software having a two-way communication?

·       Does the explanatory information have easy access?

4. E-Prescribing – It is necessary that a feature of e-prescribing is present in your EMR software. It is a fact that most of us will take interest in electronically printing and transmitting the prescriptions. Giving drug allergies’ notifications automatically and immediately is possible with this. Now it is important to ask certain questions:

  • Is it possible to get medication handouts that can be printed easily as offered by the system?

  • For integrating with Part D Medicare, what steps does the system take?

  • Is it possible that by making the use of the software the patients will get the pharmacies? If yes then what can be the pharmacies’ percentage offered?

  • Is it possible to interact with pharmacies in a two-way communication by taking the help of the software?

  • For finding the interactions what database the system uses?

5. E/M Coding – In order to evaluate and manage the standards of documentation, it will be good for you to use a software. For the purpose of paying out, the necessary information can be given to the healthcare payers with the help of these standards. There are a number of areas where the recording of information via EMR will help you:

  • Codes of treatment and diagnosis

  • Diagnosis revision, in any treatment changes getting response, and progress of the patient

  • Those risk factors of health that are appropriate

  • Observer’s legible identity and date

  • A plan of care related to medical issues

  • Diagnosis, clinical impression or assessment

  • Test results before diagnosis

  • Findings of physical exam

  • Relevant history and encounter reasons

  • Medical records that are legible and complete

6. Cloud Hosting – A shift towards cloud hosting trend has been observed in a large number of people and they take less interest in the software that is available on-premise. It is possible to provide feasibility to the cloud hosting with the help of high-speed connectivity, virtualization and computer power advancement. Security can be provided in cloud hosting by enabling the feature of encryption in it. Implementing, maintaining and updating it is cheaper and easier. From anywhere you can access the information if you use the cloud hosting.

In the health organizations, managing the clinical data and electronic medical records is possible by making the use of a web based medical software.

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