How to print 1099 in QuickBooks?

How to print 1099 in QuickBooks?

As a business owner 1099 MISC form is a procedure to be carried out. Quickbooks comes up with the feature QuickBooks 1099 wizard that simplifies the process of filling 1099 MISC forms. 1099 wizard saves your time and allows you to prepare, review and file all your 1099 MISC forms to the internal revenue service (IRS) if you are filing by mail to the IRS.

In this blog post, we will learn about the wizard and how to print the form. So let’s get into the business Get in touch with us via Quickbooks Payroll Support

How to use the QuickBooks 1099 wizard to prepare and file 1099 MISC forms?

We are providing you illustration of the procedure of preparation and filing 1099 MISC forms.

  • Select requiring vendors for 1099 MISC forms

Quickbooks 1099 wizard will show you a list of vendors. From the list select those vendors that require 1099 MISC forms. Then click on continue.

  • Verify information of vendors

A table will appear on the screen that will allow you to edit and verify each vendor’s information. To edit values, you can double click the cells in the table. After that click on the continue button.

  • Map vendor payment accounts 

In this, you have to tell QuickBooks where the amounts paid from each account should appear on form 1099 MISC. For mapping account from 1099 MISC forms, you have to choose from apply payments to the 1099 box dropdown list. 

  • Review payments for exclusions

According to the IRS, you are required to exclude from form 1099 MISC electronic payments such as debit card, credit card, gift card, or PayPal. If you made payments by any of them edit the check number field to include an appropriate notation so that QuickBooks can exclude these payments.

  • Confirm your 1099 entries

Now a table will appear on the QuickBooks 1099 wizard screen that will allow you to review the summary of vendors. You can also review transaction details by double-clicking any amount. 

  • Choose a filing method 

Now you have to choose your preferred filing method from two available choices appearing on the screen i.e. e-file and print. By choosing the print option you can print the form before mailing it to IRS or you want to file electronically you may use the paid 1099 e-file service.

How to print 1099 in QuickBooks? 

Well, printing the 1099 form is quite a straightforward process to perform. However, newbie could have some difficulty to conduct that procedure due to unfamiliarity with the program. So here we brought simple and quick steps to print the 1099 form in QuickBooks. 

Steps to print 1099 forms in QuickBooks Online 

Step 1: Use QuickBooks 1099 wizard in order to prepare for 1099s

  • In QuickBooks online go to the ‘workers’ option.

  • Then choose ‘contractors’ 

  • Now you will get the list of contractors with whom you have worked.

  • In the same window click on the ‘prepare 1099s’ button.

  • Thereafter, you need to confirm your company’s tax information, contractors’ information, and payments add up

  • When you are done with reviewing and changing click on ‘finish preparing 1099s’ 

  • Through filing by mail you need to tap on ‘print & mail > I’ll file myself’ 

Step 2: Ensure your printer is sync properly with the system, for it tries to print 1099 forms on blank paper.

  • In the window of 1099 print choose ‘1099 form type’ option

  • Then insert blank paper into printer 

  • Now tap on ‘print a sample on blank paper’ 

  • Now check the printing pattern of alignment.

  • If it’s good then you are set and if not then 

  • Use the fine-tune alignment window to adjust the alignment settings.

Step 3: Lastly, load and print 1099s form 

Now your good with alignment then proceed with the next and last step of printing the form. 

Steps to print 1099 forms in QuickBooks desktop 

Step 1: utilize the 1099 wizard to prepare for your 1099s

  • Launch QuickBooks desktop and go to the File menu 

  • Then from the menu choose ‘print forms’

  • Next, you need to tap on ‘1099s/1096’ and then ‘get started’ 

  • Now you need to on-screen instruction

  • Then select ‘choose a filing method’ 

  • Click on ‘print 1099s’ and for the form specified the date range.

Step 2: To ensure your printer synchronization print a blank paper sample 

  • Choose a vendor from options and then ‘print 1099’

  • Insert blank sheet in the printer

  • Then print out a sample on blank paper 

  • Now check the alignment of the sample with preprinted 1099 form.

  • If the alignment is fine then you can move forward if not then 

  • From the print window click on ‘align’ 

  • Then in fine-tune alignment window adjust the alignment settings 

  • Then again print a sample, and repeat the steps till you get the perfect sample.

Step 3: Now load and print your 1099 form.

When you are happy with the sample print then print your actual form. 


You already get the idea of how QuickBooks 1099 wizard makes filing the 1099 MISC form and print the form. For some reason, if you find QuickBooks 1099 wizard not working or any other technical issue regarding printing then feel free to call us on +1(855) 533-6333  consult experts to resolve your issue.

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