Crucial Aspects of Creating A Memorable Logo Design

Crucial Aspects of Creating A Memorable Logo Design

We are well aware of how important the logo is to the company. Having a logo is an integral part of making your brand a success. We’re able to recognize a business instantly by looking at its logo, even if their name is not part of the logo. It is a famous saying that customers form an opinion about a firm within seconds. A well-designed logo is an easy way to tell potential clientele that your business is proficient, consistent, and provides quality products or services. We know the logo must be adequately recognized and simple enough to work across multiple media. But how crucial aspects of creating a memorable logo design. Along with the logo, the details are extremely important. Particular attention should be paid to every aspect of the logo including colour, shape, and fonts. All these elements help in passing on the message about your brand. A good logo is notable and makes a great first impression. In this article, we will explain some important aspects that you have to pay attention to and they are- 

  • Know your brand– If you are designing a logo without knowing your brand and its products then it is a big mistake. It is of no use if your logo is not intended or does not consider certain qualities of the client’s brand. Yes, a logo is a visual, but it is also a reflection of your company in what can be called an introduction to your brand. This means that when designing a logo, you should consider the audience that the brand is targeting with a product or service. 

You should also know the history of the firm. If they serve for years then find out who their rivals are. Learn about brand aims and most importantly, assess brand personality. Such details are significant to know the brand. Once you get enough information then write down on the paper key features and attributes of the brand. 

  • Create something that is unique – A memorable logo design is principally one that stands out from the troop of logos. Take Puma as an example, a leaping panther demonstrates speed, strength, suppleness, endurance, and agility which perfectly matches with the attributes of the brand. So, think of an inimitable shape, different use of colours and pictures, or maybe you can make a logo using the font in your own way. Whatever you do, the design should catch the attention due to its exclusivity. This is the only way your logo can be seen standing out from the crowd of hundreds of other designs.

  • Choose the correct scheme- When thinking about giving your brand a personality, choosing the right colour is key. Each colour has its own diverse effect on people’s feelings. For example, if you use bold and bright colours, it helps to grip your customer’s attention. If you intend to give an impression of sophistication about your brand, use soft colours. As such red reflects love, bold, energetic, green is the colour of nature. Blue provokes feelings of credibility and professionalism. Therefore, choose colours that can enhance the feelings and emotions that reflect your brand. 

  • Effective design- An effective logo design is one that people will remember.  The logo design should be in a way that people can identify easily. The simplicity of design is the key to make the logo memorable. Think of firms like Apple or Google or McDonald’s – each uses a simple representation that the public around the world can recognize. Further, a memorable company logo design is also known for its longevity. This means that the business owner does not need to reform the design very often. Simple logos are the essence of a memorable logo. Therefore, when the logo is the same for numerous decades, it helps to make credibility and loyalty among the customers. 

  • Go for a simple but peculiar design – Simplicity is the aspect that every qualified graphic designer acclaim to put in logo design. A simple design is one that the viewers find attractive. They do not need to outline a logo to achieve its sense and purpose. The design itself transports meaning due to its simplicity. The greatest global logos are great instances of simple logos. 

Simplicity does not mean any ordinarily designed logo. Instead, make it peculiar so that it makes some interest for the audience. Take the FedEx logo for instance. This is a simple logotype but it has an interesting twist in the negative space. Take another example of the Amazon logo. There is an arrow joining the letter ‘a’ to ‘z’, which means that the firm sells all you want.  Hence, It should be a simple logo so that the target customers can get your brand message in the original.

  • Scalable– A logo appears on a wide range of advertisements of numerous scales. The logo should retain all its elements and specifics; even if it is condensed to the smaller or bigger size of printing.  In both cases, every detail of the design must be clearly visible when seen closely or from a long distance. Therefore, you should avoid incorporating many details that may overlap or fade when printed in small sizes. The logo should not blow its elements when printed on a billboard.

A design grid is a beneficial technique for placing design elements equivalently in a given place. By using a design grid method will help ensure that your logo is scalable.  You can easily keep every element such as line, shape, and image proportionally. Even if the design is stretched on a big surface such as hoardings, the design must be clearly visible. 

  • Test it in black and white – Another important feature of a memorable logo design is its aptitude to look notable in black and white. Your firm logo will be used in newspapers, faxes, photocopies, and many other billboards where colours are not used. Therefore, the logo design should look correspondingly impressive without the use of colours. Nevertheless, make sure that you select the right colour for the desired effect on your target customers. 

  • Consider what you want to represent – It is imperative that your logo is an accurate representation of your firm or product. It must have a sense of what you do. When planning a design think about the meaning of colours, shapes, and fonts and how those associations can affect audiences. Don’t make your design complex, if people do not get a clear message from the logo, they simply ignore it. Hence, you should ensure that the overall elements must be chosen wisely to reflect the true purpose and message of the brand.

  • Get Feedback– Professionals and public opinion matter a lot in making memorable logo designs. Remember, you are designing something to feast on clienteles, not your eyes. So, feedback from the client should always be welcomed.

To get a third-party viewpoint, get people’s opinions on social media. Put your logo on social networks to see what people have to say. If you find some tips which are effective, use them. These important tips will certainly help you make a logo that will perform well for your customer’s business and help build its brand identity.

Final words

Creating a memorable logo is not something you will do overnight. This may take time and considerable experience and skills. However, when designing a logo, you should keep in mind the crucial aspects that are given above. You can find triumph with a simple design, with modest typography, colour, and design aspects well.

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