Which is better Land Cruiser or Range Rover?


Choosing between a Land Cruiser and Range Rover? Are you fond of SUV cars? Haven’t decided which one to buy? SUVs are the fashion and trend that now moves the market. All brands are being pushed to launch specific models for different markets, including Land Cruiser and Range Rover. Although these brands have always produced some of the best SUVs in history, the models teach us that today people are looking more for a model with an image of the field but for the asphalt.

We give you detailed information that most certainly would help you make up your mind and to buy what brings you more comfort and accessibility. 

Everything you need to know about Range Rover

The new generation of the compact SUV arrives on the market boasting of greater capacity and technology, but that is not all. The second generation of the Range Rover has already reached the market worldwide. The compact SUV, an unquestionable commercial success, has become more capable and refined. It has dimensions of 4.31 meters long, 2.10 wide and 1.65 high and its exterior design is clean and elegant. In it, elements such as its ultra-thin LED headlights stand out, as well as more stylish rear lights than before.

The bodywork has integrated door handles –now they can be removed and by activating them we access a more spacious interior than that of its predecessor, the result of its larger dimensions. The trunk is larger, with a capacity of 591 liters in its original configuration. Technology is another highlight of the 2020 Range Rover. It includes a Clear Sight rearview mirror that transforms into an HD video display for easy rear visibility. When it is difficult for passengers or targets, the driver can flip a switch at the bottom of the mirror and the camera on the top of the car will show what is behind it.

In addition, it also has Ground View technology, which allows you to see what is happening under the car by projecting a 180-degree image of the ground onto the touch screen. It is very useful when driving in a narrow area or when you want to park in a difficult area. Range Rover is available with various gasoline and diesel engines. The power range in the case of diesel is between 150 and 240 horsepower. Gasoline options range from 240 to 300 horsepower.

The diesel branch is made up of two engines. On the one hand, a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers 180 and 240 horsepower. On the other, a V6 turbo that reaches 275 and 300 horses. No mechanic is associated with an MHEV scheme with which to reduce consumption and certify ECO label. This introduction is expected in the 2021 restyling.

The gasoline blocks are more performance. Once again we have two possible configurations. At the bottom of the range we have a two-liter four-cylinder that develops 250 or 300 horsepower. From there we jump up to the Velar SVR’s five-liter supercharged V8. It delivers 550 horsepower, 680 Nm of torque and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds.

Whether you need a Range Rover or a Land Cruiser, cars for sale in the United Kingdom are at every spot. You just have to get it from the right place!

Discover everything about Land Cruiser

High technology, maximum safety and the best off-road performance are the novelties of the dashboard of the Toyota Land Cruiser. More robust and powerful, it adapts to your needs and those of the terrain, no matter what surface it is. Toyota has surpassed itself with this legendary off-road vehicle, which we are sure you will love. King of off-roaders for more than 65 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser boasts off-road capability, reliability and performance as its generational predecessors. Renewed design, renewed 4×4 technology, new engine and greater driving safety are some best features of this SUV beast.

The new Land Cruiser equips the control center with the Toyota Touch 2 & GO multimedia system with which you can enjoy a navigator with 3D maps, connected services, vehicle settings and a rear view camera to park without friction.

The Land Cruiser not only stands out for its technology, but also for its functionality. The dashboard is organized in such a way that the driver has access to all buttons and systems with simple movements that do not affect driving. The three driving modes located next to the automatic gear lever will give us the possibility to drive in:

  • ECO: improves fuel consumption 

  • Normal: conventional mode 

  • Sport: for a sportier or mountain driving

On the road the Land Cruiser is more than solvent thanks to the 180 horsepower of its new diesel engine. In addition, if we add the elevated driving position and a cabin manufactured to minimize vibration, rocking and noise, we will have off-road driving that is proof of the most extreme terrain. And not only has that, to the classic systems of this type of vehicle, the Land Cruiser added two new features:

  • Crawl Control: a system that keeps the off-road speed stable without you doing anything, so you can worry more about turning in 4×4 situations. 

  • Multi-terrain system: to configure the suspension, traction and differential depending on whether we drive through water, rock, sand, snow or mud. 

  • Three hundred and sixty-degree vision camera: to see everything around us in the center console.

Configure all 4×4 functions from the control panel of the Land Cruiser and drive off-road legend over rocks, potholes, logs and any surface. Feel like a panther in the jungle.

Now that you know about both cars, which one do you prefer?

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