How to Clean a Real Leather Coat

In changing times, fashion is not just a woman’s game anymore and now you can dominate it as well. Every man should own clothes that speak to his sense of being and define who he is. It is by the appearance and how a man carries himself that you judge his character. Needless to say, it is imperative to focus on your dressing sense. Leather jackets are a great way to do so. Has there ever been a particular season for leather jackets? One can wear them anytime and any day. In fact, a real and premium quality leather jacket never goes out of style. You can pair it up with your casual outfits or wear them fancy however your styling mood swings.  However, it is essential to know how to take care of your leather jacket.

As much as you love your leather jacket and want to keep it tidy and shiny, you can’t always protect it from dust and other factors. This heavy-duty outerwear tends to wear off because of extreme weathers and conditions. But premium genuine quality leather can be your ride till you die! Leather goods require proper cleaning between seasons. Everyone will tell you to take assistance from a professional. But there are many ways you can keep your beloved leather gear tidy and nice by yourself.

You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to wash or clean your leather jacket if it’s stained or dirty. However, you do need to take special care when washing your leather jacket to keep it from getting ruined. Unlike your other clothes, you cannot just dump your leather jacket in a washing machine and do the deed the usual way. This could crack, shrink, and even damage your luxury leather jacket beyond repair and have it wearing and fading within a short amount of time 

So, without further ado, here’s how to take care of your Real Leather Jackets.

  • Learn your leather and exact material component. The type of leather is a legit matter in terms of cleaning in order to take good care of your expensive leather luxuries. The type of leather dictates what cleaning method you should be using. Treated leather is covered in a protective coating, while untreated leather is not. A little bit of soap is fine to use on a finished leather wear. However, remember that even mild soap can be too harsh for the most sensitive leathers sometimes. Just to be sure about the overall outcome of the cleaning process. It’s recommended and suggested to try the cleaning method on a small patch of your leather before trying it thoroughly.

  • Moisturizing leather can be very healthy and beneficial for your leather luxuries! There are several kinds of leather hydrants available in the market. Moisture helps the fabric to build the smooth texture and prevent any further wear offs or tear offs of the leather jacket. It’s just almost as good as conditioning.

  • Treating stains as soon as possible is imperative. Try to get your stains out as soon as you can! The longer they stay the stronger they get absorbed into the fabric. Rubbing or wiping them away with a clean tissue paper or blotting paper helps the oil or stain molecules to transfer.

  • These results into instant stain lightening. Once the stain is lighter, they tend to get off easily with a wipe wash and they don’t even scatter or spread onto the other textured threads

  • Last but not least, store your leather wear in a dust bag preferably to protect the cloth from unnecessary moisture. Keeping them in a cool dry place would help the material to be neutral and new.

Make sure to follow all these steps diligently so your leather jacket remains good as new!

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