Top 10 Hotels to Stay in Manali


The Himachal Pradesh hill town of Manali is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Northern India, with its magnetic scenery and unpolluted surroundings. Without mad rush and greenhouse effects, the surrounding area is charming and a perfect celebration for travellers’ eyes. Snow-covered hills, hilly terrains and towns surrounded by long mountains seem mesmeric. They are very beautiful.

Most Indians are tempted to enjoy quality time on this hill town because the place is exquisite and popular. However, very often the common question, “where to stay in Manali,” becomes a challenge as you prepare your longest planned journey into the divine nation. We prepared a list of budget & luxury hotels & resorts in Manali to inform you about the comfort of accommodation in Manali. This elaborate list allows you to enjoy some of the memorable moments in the unspoiled paradise of nature. Extensive living rooms with a relaxed natural environment and the best facilities and luxury make your stay exceptional.

1) Solang Valley Resort

The Solang Valley Resort Hotel overlooks the serpentine river and red apple and green pine wood. The hotel has 50 specially-friendly rooms, situated 8 km from Inter-State Bus Terminus. The rooms are divided into three different sections depending on the opening atmosphere.

It gives you a relaxed feeling and washes away the tension of the worldly metro lives. The ideal choice away from busy city life.

2) Span Resort

Hotel Span Resort and Spa is located at a distance of less than 14km from the city of Manali and 510km from Delhi. Vintage cottages, riverfront, and sky hills reflect the Hotel’s amazing scenery.

3) Hotel Holiday Inn

The Hotel Holiday Inn sits on a mountainside and is surrounded by greenery, much like the hermit’s cottage. The stalky towers and the beautifully built lodges offer comfort and style. This residence is definitely different from a city skyscraper and offers a charming appeal and profound calm, situated 5km away from Manali Town Centre.

4) Hotel ManuAllaya

The manually Hotel is a perfect destination for newly-married couples with a strong incrustation of the white sky, nearby mountains and an entirely built home.

A quiet and uninterrupted natural view along with snow-covered pine and eucalyptus gives the illusion of life in another world. World-class banquet hall, mouthwatering dishes and astounding picturesque scenery will give you a feeling of original Victorian lifestyles.

5) Apple Country Resort

The eye-catching panorama of the Hotel Apple Country will ease your arduous nerves like woven linen of green and white. It lies just 1.5 km from the city centre of Manali. Snow falls abundantly, coniferous trees and fresh mountain air give you the feeling of Heaven. An elegant residence with a delicious scent of apple and silent valleys, visitors rejuvenate to forget all the pressures and stresses of urban living. Relax in a vibrant spa, walk through the foothills and the magnificent and picturesque mountains.

6) Quality Inn River Country Resort

Quality Inn River Country Resort is a classic resort to spend some unforgettable time in God’s comfort, at the foothills of the great Himalayas. This luxury destination is located off the busy main mall lane, in the middle of the pinewood with a view of the popular Beas River. Exotic interior and beautiful side views of the river alleviate the burden of worldly lifestyles. This spectacular suite can be one of the best honeymoon resorts in Manali and an unbelievable choice for families as well as sportive visitors.

7) Hotel River Crescent

The name itself exposes the secret of the Hotel River Crescent’s exclusiveness. The delicious fragrance of apple groves rejuvenates your romance, the fascinating music of the river and the crispy mountain air. They always enthusiastically young will engage in numerous energising sports, including trekking, hiking, mountain biking, and river rafting.

8) Hotel Banon Tree

You stay at Hotel Banon Tree Resort for an exotic getaway experience at least once. The resort can be the best cottage to stay during your romantic holiday trip to Manali at 500 m from Manali city and 50 km from Bhuntar Airport in Kullu.

9) Hotel Manali Inn

The Hotel Manali Inn is a great destination for divine pleasure and comfort and can be the best spots during your stay. It can be the most comfortable lodge for those who are in Manali for the first time at just 1,5km from the Manali Bus Stand and 43 km from the Bhuntar airport. Your hermit’s soul can be filled by the panoramic view of the vergers, the rivers Beas and the magnet Himalayas.

10) Manali Resort

The Manali Hotel is a fortress of tranquilly and serenity overlooking the broad variety of musical gushes from the Himalayan river. This hotel seems to be the home of royalty, situated 5 km from the Manali Bus Stand. It features one of Manali’s vast luxury hotels:

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