The Post-Covid-19 Implications of Distant Learning

The world is going through strange times, there is no denying of this fact. The Covid-19 has significantly halted the progress and operations of many industries, and academic is no different. 

The Implications for International students

International students studying in the UK have been highly affected by the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Many students have been forced to go back home and continue their learning process online, while some students have chosen to stay within the UK as they wait for the pandemic effects to settle down and the situation gets clearer. 

The truth is, however, that the current circumstances are not improving, particularly for the UK as the new variant of the coronavirus is sweeping through the region. As the year 2021 begins, there was hope that many international students would be travelling back and resuming their normal study routines, but it may not be the case. They will be required to wait for another couple of months in hope that the effects of the pandemic ease down and life gets back to normal. 

The solution 

Distant learning, which incorporates online-learning using various platforms, has been of much help during these testing times, particularly for international students. Many universities around the UK quickly adapted to the “forced stay at home environment” and they started delivering lectures and courses online using various digital platforms. Thankfully, this process ensured that the students are able to utilize their time more effectively while they are staying in-doors. 

Many other online platforms which assist international students in academic writing have also played a key role during this pandemic. These organisations have ensured the provision of academic support to all international students during these challenging times. 

The testing times of the Covid-19 may have also affected many students psychologically, as staying in-door for a longer period often results in increased anxiety and depression issues. Therefore it very important that sufficient academic and psychological support is being provided to all students who require assistance. Moreover, students must be encouraged to take part in online seminars, get-together, dissertation help and quizzes – to ensure their active participation until the online studies continue. 

The students may also be encouraged to take care of their physical as well as mental health during their distant learning. They can be encouraged to follow/practice physical exercises such as indoor-games and yoga. And another good advice for the students would be to take part in online “personal development programs”, to make use of the additional time for the development of their interpersonal skills. 

Nonetheless, all academic advisors, supervisors, faculty, staff members and academic writers must ensure that that all the enrolled international students stay engaged during distant learning.  This is because if students do not interact with fellow students on regular basis, they may start getting disconnected with their academic fellowship, which can have a significant impact on the growth of their academic careers. Difficulties come with added responsibility, and all the academic-related staff members must assume their responsibility and remain attentive during these challenging times. 

While we hope and pray that life of many, including those who are studying abroad, gets easier, we must all take full responsibility of doing our best to resolve the issues at hand. It is us who somehow managed to bring the coronavirus to this world, and similarly, we also hold power to ensure its exit in a safe manner. It on us to take this as a challenge and perform in a way that is much-needed by the world around us today. If we can do what is needed, one can say with certainty that the situation we are involved in would dramatically improve within a very short period of time. 

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