For once in life, everyone has to begin with something that could make you successful. Investment is not an easy game for many people, as it is not a simple task. For most people being a successful investor means achieving their financial goals, owning a house, paying fees of their children’s schools and colleges, or owning luxury cars. 

There is something that separates the successful investor from the others, for them “they earn money to grow money”. There are surely some more habits and secrets of successful investors that you might know, learning from the experience rather than from the loss is a good way to choose. Many people think that they can ignore these rules and tips, and be successful. They are going to face huge losses just because of their little stupidity. 

Here are some tips and rules you should follow if you want to be a successful investor 


The basic foundation for a successful investment is the plan, the investment plan is necessary for you before investing anywhere. The right strategy can make you successful or either an unsuccessful man, who curses investments. 

You have to be very careful while making your strategy of investing, as it must not be too fancy or expensive. You should consult someone or use some online tools. 

Making a plan for your investments is a very important step that must not be skipped. There are many pieces of evidence of families who worked with a financial advisor or professional who have met their long term financial goals. 


You should know about the main objective of your investment, why you are investing and what you expect from your investments. You should know about your goals and expected returns to make some successful investment. An investment portfolio that prefers to achieve the capital will look much different from the income portfolio. 

You should be clear about your goals, and if this is not the case then you are most probably going to be disappointed with the results, though you may have followed the right strategy. 


These tips and rules don’t make your investments supersafe, no one can guarantee you of 100% secure returns. If someone is making any kind of promises like that you should get rid of them. Since all the investments are uncertain, you must make up your mind for losses. All Investments are a kind of gamble and you should play it intelligently, no one in the world can tell you about the exact outcome of the investment plan. 


If you are willing to be a good investor then you should start saving money. There are many pieces of evidence about the people who started saving early and are successful now. Early savings are always the best plan, the more you save the earlier you can invest. 

You must save some percentage of your income, at least 15% of your income should be saved for later use. It can be higher for some people or it can be lower for some, but it is just the starting point where you learn to save a certain percentage of your income and it will gradually increase. 


This is an art, this is the mindset of successful investors. If the ship is sinking, don’t just pray, you jump. It means that if you are facing losses, don’t be demotivated. These small losses will make you learn big lessons. If you haven’t been successful with 50% of your investment, don’t cry. It has taught you enough that now you can be successful with the other 50% of the investment you have. You should learn the art of accepting the losses. 


Diversification is the key, if you are going to invest do not just invest in a single stock or asset. There are different economic conditions across the globe. You may have some loss in one asset but others will save you as being from a different category. This kind of mix investment portfolio can deliver potential growth while maintaining the percentage of the risk. 


You should know that luck is a very powerful factor in investing and making money. You can see someone in the same field or category making a lot of money but you will not be able to, as it is just about the luck of different people. You need good luck to achieve something good in life, but don’t just get demotivated, it is about times too. Your luck may not be working right now but it will surely work later. 


It is the nature of human beings to run for shelter when there is chaos, so you must not take your money out while losing, you should stay and stick to your plan. 

In late 2008 and early 2009, when there was a sudden drop in 50% of the stocks, many people ran for the shelter and took out their money but it was witnessed that the ones who stayed at that time, had a good share later. 


Your emotions must not be connected to your investment, instead, you should work like a robot who is just working on principles. You should never fall in love with your investment, getting emotionally attached can cause a disaster for you. 


Savvy investors know the secret that they cannot handle the market but they can control the cost. A product with low fees can save a lot of your investment, as it can be added to your profit margin. If the cost of the product is not high and shipping prices are low, then most probably this product is viable and will work well for you. 

According to some research companies the chances of success are higher for the companies and investors who work in low fee products. 


You can stay positive about expecting good returns, but confidence comes when you know how to handle the worst. The constructive use of pessimism and optimism can make you confident. 


You must not be influenced by anybody else while making investments, after all, it is your money, not theirs. You should be the one holding the leash, take some time for yourself and think about it thoroughly. 


The mindset of successful investors is to become bottom liners rather than the fine lines.

You should not go before some expensive and luxury items to show the world that you are earning well. You should save more and be financially savvy. 

You should learn these keys that may lead you towards success. 


Every dollar you are paying for the fees, brokerage, and expenses must come in the costs, and you should try to minimize the costs. There may be little expenses that you might be ignoring, but these add up to a bigger amount, and you are left wondering why you are not getting any profit.


This is another key point you should know, keep an eye on your taxes and account types. There are many accounts with tax benefits, if you don’t know about it, you can consult with some professionals to know about the ins and outs of taxes. You should start focusing on taxes and tax-returns as these are the key points that many people miss before investing. 


There are times when you feel that the asset is at a good price but you are mistaken, that is where fundamental analysis comes into play. You should research the fundamentals of that particular asset and find out about the actual price of that asset. You should not overpay for an asset that can cause you a great loss.  



One should know the value of their money and try to minimize the investment. You should learn first from the experienced ones and then act according to it. It will surely minimise the investment, and the chances of getting successful will increase. The portfolio for investment is a very important aspect that should never be ignored. 


Making money in art, if you want to learn the art you should start researching the cases of successful people, it will give a complete guide on how to be successful. Many people think that once you start making money, now you should start spending on your luxury and lifestyle. The money is meant to be grown with money. It is like a seed that grows a tree, money can grow more money and that’s how you become a successful investor.

Your journey starts with a plan and a time frame, you work according to it. The expectations must be kept realistic to be successful. There are ups and downs in everybody’s life, and it will be in yours too but how you face the situation and get through is the main goal. You should start learning things and the lives of all the successful people to learn how to be a successful investor. 

These tips are must for you to follow, be patient, consistent, and work hard. 

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