A complete guide to men’s t-shirt


The flexibility of T-shirts has to do with its potential to transcend trends; it’s the only piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion. 

They are real commodities, however, it is important to find the right brand that makes designer t-shirts, such as the noir men’s collection. The question is, are we really using our simple T-shirts the most? It takes hours and days to find the right colour, cut and design to deliver a solution. 

This is the definitive guide to finding the right t-shirt. 

The Perfect T-Shirt Fit

The way a T-shirt suits a person, reveals much of the wearer. Unintentionally baggy shirts, with sleeves, unfortunately, flopping off the shoulder, and an abundance of cloth forming a tent around the chest gives off the feeling that you’ve quit trying. On the other side, the blasting seams and the fit of a tight shirt express the contrary message of a man who is immature.

The best t-shirts highlight aspects of the body that you are most proud of, without attracting attention to the places you are mindful of. Before you try, look in the mirror and ask yourself what your best quality is.

Best T-Shirt Colours

  • Neutral T-Shirts

Black, white, grey and maroon; these classic colours lay the foundations of a good wardrobe set. T-shirts in these colours are often labelled as ‘simple,’ but they may maintain an established look or function as one a kind.

  • Coloured T-Shirts

The growth of trends, like athletic events, combined with the relaxation in workplace dress codes means that T-shirts are now more popular than ever before. Yet neutral shades can get a little similar. Keep it new and bring creativity into your daily looks by playing with colours. There are no specific guidelines – try mixing different shades with various colours that are simple, inexpensive and efficient – but as a rule, certain colours fit certain skin tones more, so find the shade that compliments your natural complexion.

Neck Type

Anyone with more than a casual interest in them would realise that when looking for T-shirts, there are many necklines. V-necks lengthen the neck naturally, making it ideal for shorter males, or if you have a smaller chest or sloped shoulders, it is recommended to try a crew neck. Crewnecks attract the eye to create the appearance of the square shoulders that look larger and more proportionate.

Fabric Choice

Many men prefer heavier fabrics rather than lightweight ones, as though their consistency is directly related to the weight of the garments. The opposite is true with fabrics for t-shirts. If it’s used as a base layer or as a normal T-shirt can feel like another skin. 

Almost all T-shirts are cut from cotton or some sort of cotton mix. The gold standard is Pima, or Egyptian cotton, which consists of long, lasting, slimmer and lighter staple fibres.


If you have T-shirts in your regular dressing room, the luxury choices of fashion available on the Noir are the best place to shop. Although some inexpensive t-shirts can also twist and lose structure with a handful of washes, we have managed to minimise costs without losing consistency.

Here is all you need to know if you are planning to fill your wardrobe with t-shirts. You can visit https://noirldn.com/ for best options. 

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