Is Singapore a good option for the job?

Singapore is one of the most beautiful countries known for its infrastructure and hospitality. Along with that, Singapore is a hub of more than 500000 registered companies and over 700 star rated hotels. It holds pride in hosting the world’s best educational institutions and provide education to students around the globe. Singapore has a lenient taxation policy and a reasonable cost of living. That is the reason why every businessman wants to run its operations in the country. From freshers to experienced professionals, Singapore is a dream place to work for everyone around the world. However, people always have a question that is Singapore a good option for the job or not. The clear answer is definitely yes, it is amongst the best countries to work in. Singapore is known for its safe working environment and standard of living. Besides this, there is a variety of reasons in which it is a great place to work.

Following are some of the main reasons why Singapore is a good option for the job:

  1. Easy eligibility check:

Before applying for a job in any country, an individual must be eligible to work there. An eligible candidate has more chances to get a job as compared to a non-eligible one. Unlike other countries, Singapore has a simple eligibility checking criterion. All you need to do is to clear an online assessment with a specified percentile. That assessment only includes general questions related to written, verbal, and listening skills. It is easy to clear the test if you are fluent in speaking and writing English. Once you passed the online assessment, reputed employers of the country will reach you and hire you according to your skills. 

  1. Hosts multiple markets:

As discussed earlier, Singapore is the hub of thousands of registered companies associated with different industries. It hosts multiple markets or says, markets from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a medical profile or a management one, Singapore is a great place to work. You can opt for any industry according to your skills, interest, and educational background. Even if you are a hotel management student, you can apply for the vacancy of chef, receptionist, organizer, and manager in a star rated hotel. All you need is relevant skills that meet job requirements to get your desired job in Singapore.

  1. Opportunities for freshers:

Along with employing experienced professionals, Jobs in Singapore has open doors for fresher candidates as well. This country conducts specific job-oriented programs for recent graduates according to their field of study. For instance, an individual who wants to become a professor can start his career as an assistant professor in Singapore. A fresher candidate can also apply for a job profile in Singapore public sector if he is eligible and has a work visa. From data entry clerks to junior marine engineers, Singapore’s public sector offers a variety of job opportunities for recent graduates. 

  1. High Salaries:

Singapore is an economically developed country with a valuable currency. Companies in Singapore offers a salary in the range of $8000 to $28000 along with the residence. Meanwhile, your salary package depends on the job profile, skills, level of education, and experience. Singapore dollar is a valuable currency and you can live a luxurious life in the country even if you get a beginner salary package. For instance, if we compare SGD (Singapore Dollar) with INR (Indian Rupee) then 1 SGD is equals to 55.52 INR. A candidate earning an average salary of 10000 SGD in Singapore is earning 550000 INR per month according to India. 

  1. Better job security:

Along with attractive salary packages, Singapore offers high job security as compared to other countries. A registered company in Singapore is not allowed to terminate any employee without any reason. In case the company has an appropriate reason to terminate an employee, then the employee will get a notice period to find another job. Singapore government understands the concern of job consistency and security to maintain an optimum standard of living in the country. That is the reason why there is only a 4.3% unemployment rate. It means everyone willing to work is getting a job according to his skills and education.


  1. Welcomes work visa:

Working in Singapore is a job opportunities fresher’s and professionals around the world. Singapore welcomes work visas on priority and invites individuals to work in the country. You can easily apply work visa for Singapore online or through an immigration agency. All you need is the work eligibility and an offer letter from a registered company. After that, it just takes 7 working days to complete this process of getting a work visa. You will get an employment pass after the completion of the whole process. An employment pass allows a candidate to earn a minimum monthly income of $4500.


Singapore is popular for industries, educational institutions, and tourism around the world. This country hosts more than 500000 companies associated with different industries. The reason behind the same is Singapore’s lenient taxation policies and reasonable standard of living. Candidates around the world dream to live and work in the country but stay confused either it is a good option or not. Yes, Singapore is a great place to live and earn a livelihood. It features one of the most valuable currencies in the world and offers huge salary packages to skilled candidates. Along with that, you do not have to worry about job security, work visa, and other aspects of working in Singapore. This country welcomes work visas and provides career opportunities to individuals according to their skills. So, do not step back yourself to work in Singapore because of wrong myths and unnecessary confusion. It is one of the best places to live and work in the world.  

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