8 Ways To Get Started In Commercial Photography

There are many career options in professional photography, like wedding photography, landscape photography, editorial photography, etc. Many people prefer to choose the route of commercial photography. If you are among them and interested in starting your career as a commercial photographer, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss all commercial photography and how to become a great commercial photographer. 

What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is quite different from other types of photography. Where other photography is used to set a story or tells a mood, commercial photography is related to advertising the products and services of the organization through pictures. Business headshots, fashion photography, architectural photography, food photography, interior photography, and product photography are examples of commercial photography. The commercial images are extensively used in magazines, billboards, packaging, brochures, posters, etc. Not just that, in this digital era, the commercial pics are also posted on websites, blogs, social media, and more. 

Commercial and corporate photographers capture a scene in such a way that they can benefit businesses to serve a specific purpose. The companies hire professionals for commercial bucks. In either case, it is the best way to earn a good amount of money. 

How To Become Commercial Photographer?

Many people have a myth that they need to have a specific type of education and training before starting a commercial photography business. But it’s not like that. The most important thing to become a commercial photographer is one’s innate potential and skills. Although, there is no harm in taking a diploma or degree in photography to pursue a career path earlier on. But it’s not mandatory.

Here are a few steps that will help you to start your career as a commercial photographer.

  • Figure Out What You Want To Shoot

Commercial photography is a wide field. First, you need to identify your area of interest: whether you are interested in clicking product photographs, business headshots, architectural images, or anything else. Ask yourself what you want to shoot?

  • Buy The Right Equipment 

After deciding the key area of interest, get the right equipment for your work. No matter how great your mobile phone camera is, no employer takes you seriously if you are going to shoot products with a mobile phone. 

Here is the list of essential tools that you should buy at the early stages of your career -:

  • Camera 

The market is full of professional cameras. Therefore, you need to do a little research before choosing one. Compare the different cameras on the internet and make the final purchase according to your budget.  

  • Lightning equipment

On some days and venues, the sunlight is perfect as-in, while on other days and venues it may not be adequate. To prevent your business from slowing down on days when sunshine is not appropriate, it is necessary to purchase lighting equipment.

  • Tripod 

It is important for slow-speed exposure and blurs free images.

Other “must buy” equipment are editing software, a carrying case or bag, an extra pair of batteries.

  • Get Your First Client

It seems so simple but really challenging. Don’t lose your heart while finding your first client; it takes a bit of patience, willingness, and dedication. Ask your relatives, friends, and acquaintances about the people who need photography work done. Get to know other photographers by attending workshops or conferences. They can also help you to find the work. 

Another way to get the first assignment is by dropping your resume on job boards. Numerous online platforms offer freelancing work. 

  • Create A Portfolio

After completing 4-5 assignments, compile a physical or digital portfolio with your most impressive clicks. This will help you expand the client base. After completing the portfolio, you should print your business cards and distribute them among potential customers.

  • Make A Website

After having optimum earnings, the next step is to build your professional website. Don’t stop here; to increase the visibility of the website on search engines, you need to optimize your site. This can be done by SEO (search engine optimization) experts. The other methods to target the potential customers are paid ads, blogging, social media marketing, etc. 

The Bottom Line -:

Apart from the above tips, it’s vital to stay updated with the latest trends of photography to stand out in the crowd.

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