What is the Google Search Console? How to use?


What is the Google Search Console? How to use?

By getting information about Google Search Console, you can have the chance to use many tools that will be useful for your website. This is a basic tool to learn and understand as a digital marketing expert.

This helps in increasing the performance of your website and reach a large number of visitors from your target audience.

What Does the Google Search Console do?


It allows you to make the necessary improvements by analyzing which queries your visitors reach your website using on Google and which queries your website looks like.

It helps you make the content you want to appear on Google and make it crawlable. If there is a problem with your site, Google sends you warning emails.

With Search Console, you can analyze these problems in detail. You can also see the Backlinks your site has received.

How to Use Google Search Console?


To step into the usage phase, you need to start by adding your website to the Search Console. You can click here for this. You can add your website to the Add property option. After this step, you need to proceed to the verification phase. Google gives you a code for this.

You can verify this by placing the code given to you between two head tags. In the third step, you can specify how your Domain Name will appear in Search Console settings.

With Google Search Console settings, you can determine how your website name will appear in Google searches from the options www.alanadi.com or domain.com. Search Console, your website’s performance offers you all the support you need to see. It allows you to check mobile compatibility, index check, and map check.

You can learn the most appropriate words for you from Performance> Queries. You can perform various analyzes to test with which keywords you can rise on Google.

You can evaluate the pages on your websites from the Pages section. You can measure the performance of your site by going back up to 16 months to see how your site has improved over the months.

With Google Search Console features, if you have a site that appeals to different countries, you can find out in which countries you are more successful. You can take the necessary steps from the tools tab to measure the mobile compatibility and success of your site.

URL Removal with Search Console:


With Google URL removal, you can temporarily prevent your website from appearing in search results. You can only do this for some pages. First of all, you need to open the lifting tool and reach the temporary lifting section.

By clicking the new request tab, you can choose one of the alternatives to temporarily remove the URL or clear the cached URL. Testing Robots.txt with Search Console You can examine your Robots.txt pages using the testing tool available in Search Console.

In this way, you can prevent the presence of blocking on your content and images.
You can query. For this, you need to enter the URL information. This way you can see the errors in your robots.txt file. After making the necessary arrangements about the errors, you can make the necessary tests again.

404 Error and Solution:


You can use the Search Console to solve the 404 error. You can detect existing errors with the data and reports you will obtain. You can fix errors with the structured data testing tool.

For the 404 error, you need to reconfigure your page in its old URL. You can redirect to a relevant page via the Redirect link. But you should avoid redirecting to the home page.

You need to clear all links to the page that gave the error. If your page with 404 errors is an important page, you should solve the problem in a short time.

Why is Google Search Console Important?


If you have a website and especially if you are doing e-commerce, you should definitely know about this tool. In order to increase your sales, you should constantly monitor the performance of your site and make the necessary updates.

Search Console will be your biggest assistant especially to have a successful website in SEO. If you are managing more than one website at the same time, you can use Search Console so that you can observe the security vulnerabilities of all of them, attacks on the site, and problems caused by the server, and produce solutions.

The search console team also offers you the most effective solutions for problems encountered in coding.


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