Twitter Marketing Tips That Will Work For You

Twitter Marketing Tips That Will Work For You

Twitter is one of the essential tools for advancing business on digital platforms. However, the typical lifespan of a tweet is merely 18 minutes. The lifespan of a post on Twitter is four times less than a Facebook post. So your tweet and Twitter marketing tips need to be much healthier. Here we will discuss the 12 best ways of Twitter marketing.

In digital marketing concept, Twitter plays a significant role in promoting your business. So focus on Twitter to promote your business following the tips.  

12 Twitter marketing tips

To drive quality consumers to your website or business, Twitter is the platform for you. For that reason, you should be more active on Twitter than Facebook. 

  1. Choosing the right Twitter handle/profile photo/header photo

You need to choose a Twitter handle that is easy for buyers to remember, different from the rest. And, of course, it has to be short. Try to have a name on all social media. Use the company logo on your profile picture. It will make people know the company better.

  1. Bio Optimize to Show Brand Personality

Write in the bio who you are, what you do, your company’s name, whom you started this company, etc. Write clearly what your brand is all about. You can specify how many customers there are. Tag them if they are associated with another brand. Use the necessary hashtags.

  1. Tweet at ‘Peak Hour’

You need to see that Twitter users are more active on any day of the week or at any given time of day. If you post something at that time, it will reach more people. It was found that the CTRS of tweets made on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays is much higher than the rest of the days. According to a survey, the best time to post something is from 12 noon to 6 pm. According to some people, if you post something between 12 noon and 3 pm on Monday-Friday, it will spread more.

  1. Use hashtags

A proper hashtag doubles the engagement of a post. However, using more than two hashtags reduces concentration by 16 percent. So use the right hashtags needed for your posts. If necessary, you can see the best hashtags through Twitter Analytics. Or you can use the hashtag tool.

  1. Advanced search

Before you post anything, if you know who is more interested in your brand or thing, your Twitter marketing work will be much easier. Example- Suppose you have a bakery. Search by typing a bakery or cake through Twitter Advanced Search. It will give you accurate information about looking for cakes in your area or interested in other bakery items.

  1. Use pictures on Twitter to increase retweets.

Using pictures in Twitter posts gets 69 percent more likes and shares. So post the necessary photos with the post. You can also post with graphics of various discounts or special offers.

  1. Use Twitter Video –

As the picture is better than the standard text, the video also prints the image. According to Adwick, a video post retweets sixfold quite a photograph post, and a photograph post retweets three times quite a GIF post.

  1. Create a poll and add followers

Polls are an effortless way to increase engagement on your page. Click on Add to New Tweet and click on the poll icon. Then write the essential questions. And as a result, user engagement will increase. Besides, there will be market research, feedback, consumer research. You can keep an eye on other successful brands.

  1. Use Creative CTA

One of the goals of Twitter marketing is to increase sales, create leads, boost clicks, and increase downloads. You can further increase user engagement by using some simple CTAs. In that case, some words will come in handy. Such as- Follow Us, Visit Hour Site, Shop Hour Sales, Download Here, Learn More, Shop Now. Try using the word ‘free’ differently.

  1. Check out the title via A / B testing on Twitter.

One of the best places is to check headlines on Twitter. Find out when most users are online during the day via Twitter. Then post 4-5 titles with trackable links. Track them optimally. You can quickly get the information about which people like more.

  1. Contact influential people

You can promote your company through influential people. As the number of followers of social media influencers increases, your brand will reach more people. You may also have to spend some money on this.

  1. Twitter ads

You can advertise on Twitter. However, advertising from Facebook to Twitter is more expensive. But it is beneficial for your post or user boost.

If you can follow all the Twitter marketing ideas, you will drive massive traffic to your website.

Last words

Twitter is an essential medium to increase brand awareness and increase user engagement. But the posts here from other social media are getting old very quickly. To reach people’s minds in a short time, Twitter marketing tips will help you and come up with a new plan.

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