How Do Students Deal With Assignments During The COVID Pandemic?

How Do Students Deal With Assignments During The COVID Pandemic?

We are nearing a year since the Coronavirus pandemic laid out, forcing schools and colleges to shut for an unspecified time. The first wave of Coronavirus started last year in December when authorities of China identified human cases with onset of symptoms. Since then, we all have been locked at home, and the world has gone to a halt. Many industries have been affected due to the novel Coronavirus, and the education sector marked a prompt shift from the traditional classroom to online learning surrounded by apps and technological tools. 

This out of the blue evolution in the education system came as the biggest adjustment for students and till now, the majority of them have made themselves comfortable with the digital form of learning. However, there are students who, while bearing up with the new normal, struggling to cope up with the academic assignments and completing the same within the stipulated timeline. 

While traveling is prohibited and inflicted lockdown across the nation has mandated everyone to keep non-essential stores, outlets, schools, colleges, and offices shut, the libraries have also been made non-functional. Therefore, issuing books and gathering materials for assignments appears beyond the bounds of possibilities to students. 

What are the challenges students are facing to complete the assignment during a lockdown?

The government is exploring options and a new system of making schools and colleges function post lockdown. Although, what students, as far as now, are concerned about is their assignment and submitting the same before the deadline approaches. 

While the students are advised to stay at home and refrain from commuting to universities, they are not exempted from working on their assignments. Students are trying different ways to get assignment help from online resources and anything they can lay their hands on so that they do not fail to complete them on time and secure high grades. Undermentioned are the challenges students are facing while working on their assignments.

  • Finding relevant materials – Though the students are taking help from the internet and discovering books of different authors to gather appropriate information, many of them are still missing on details which they require to base their assignments upon. Because of this, the students are falling short of drafting an impeccable assignment.

  • Unable to discuss doubts – The education has progressed to virtual classes, and the new mode of learning is helping to sharpen the digital skills of students. However, the reduction of personal interaction between teachers and students can be considered a drawback. This results in the students not being able to discuss their doubts more comprehensively with teachers or fellow students.

  • Reduced learning – Novel Coronavirus is a contagious disease, and because of hurriedly imposed lockdown by the government, the students are tied with limitations to resources. Online classroom sessions are enabling students to keep up with the generic study of course but it can also be not denied that the current COVID-19 situation has taken a toll on the academic advancement of the students.

Quick tips for pulling off impeccable assignment during Coronavirus pandemic

Writing an assignment is not just about carrying on with exceptional writing skills, it is also about orienting knowledge about a particular subject and providing valuable information to readers. 

Irrespective of the problems faced by students, many are resuming studies following the government regulations and coping up with learning and making their assignment more centric to the rolled out guidelines. 

How can one make sure that their assignment is well written, contains all the relevant information, and stands out of the crowd? How to compose an out of the ordinary assignment during a COVID-19 pandemic with limited resources? Here are some quick tips to be followed.

  • Understand your question – The very fundamental approach to pull off an impressive assignment is to comprehend the question to the core. For instance, if you are approaching an essay, know what message your question wants you to convey to the reader. Then decide on a format, make a structure, and break down the questions into several sub-headings. 

  • Employ apposite information – Supporting evidence, quotes, citations, and statements are the lifeblood of assignments. The students are advised to strongly consider the materials they are using for their assignment and make sure they are relevant to support the statements. If needed, rummage through all the substantial materials you can find on the internet.

  • Double-check with proofreading and editing – Imagine you have composed an excellent assignment by incorporating plenty of information and supportive arguments but your teacher locate a spelling error while examining your assignment. The negative impression does not do any good to assignments. Therefore, the students are suggested to run a proofreading and editing check on their assignment before the final submission.


As per UNESCO, more than 100 countries have put the closure of the school, colleges, and other national educational institutions into effect. It is evident that a lack of resources and proper guidance has affected student’s learning and restricted them to execute the assignment that outshines all. 

However, until the pandemic is controlled, the students, instead of getting anxious, can make the use of prominent websites that provide academic assistance on a variety of courses. Many leading academic service providers are entailing assignment help during the Coronavirus pandemic and facilitating students to complete their assignments on time.

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