Gaming accessories that every YouTuber has

Gaming accessories that every YouTuber has

As we know that gameplay streaming is getting popular day by day. Gamers conduct live streaming sessions of their gameplay on YouTube to attract target audiences. People are crazy to know about the gaming accessories used by these YouTubers. Well, they are playing and streaming games professionally. They cannot rely on a set of ordinary accessories to stream their gameplay in front of the audience. YouTubers choose some specific gaming accessories that help them to play, record, and stream their gameplay in a better way. There is a variety of accessories that are made to enhance the gameplay of the gamers. I searched out the 5 most common accessories used by YouTubers. If you are also courageous to explore these accessories, this blog post is for you. Keep reading the same until the end for a better understanding.

  1. Gaming Monitor:

A gaming monitor is the first thing that a gamer buys when he wishes to stream his gameplay on YouTube. Mostly, people think it is a wastage of money as a game can also be played on standard monitors. This myth is completely wrong. A standard display comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 720p that is not sufficient for professional gameplay. YouTubers use a monitor with a 4k resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. These monitors can visualize crisp colors and graphics with 120 frames per second. They provide better detailing and a smooth visual experience to the gamers during the gameplay. Also, a gaming monitor features a VDA display that delivers better performance as compared to IPS and AMOLED displays. If you are willing to start your career as a YouTuber, a gaming monitor is one of the best gaming accessories for you.

  1. Game Controller:

If we are talking about gaming accessories, our list is incomplete with a game controller. Game controllers are the most essential gaming accessories. It allows you to control functions of a game through analogs and buttons. Either a YouTuber is playing a game on a PC or a game console, he always uses a game controller. Professional gamers use premium game controllers to play games without any latency. Mostly, they use an Xbox controller or a Sony DualShock. Both of these are wireless game controllers and are more responsive as compared to other controllers. YouTubers choose attractive skins for their game controllers to attract their fans. This is the reason why people think they are using any special or customized game console. Both the Xbox controller and DualShock are available in the market. You can purchase them if you want to play games without any latency.

  1. Gaming Headphones:

The gameplay of YouTubers needs to be very perfect for engaging visitors. They have to understand the game and its audio clips so that they can explain it. Here the gaming headphones come into play. YouTubers use premium headphones that are specially built for gaming. These headphones come with 55mm to 60 mm dynamic drivers for delivering an immersive sound experience. They are designed in such a way that they can balance sound components at any volume. Either the volume is 100% or 20%, they will deliver similar sound quality, bass, vocals, etc. Also, in online games,Youtubershave to analyze footsteps and coordinate with your teammates. This is the reason why these headphones are mainly used while playing online games like Call of Duty, PUBG, etc. If you are also a gamer, then I suggest you should purchase gaming headphones with 55mm audio drivers.

  1. Microphone:

As I discussed earlier, YouTubers not only stream their gameplay though they also explain it in their own words. People love to listen to their voices and explanation more than their gameplay. Have you ever wondered how their voice is so clear and free from any kind of noise? The answer is they use a separate microphone to record their audio. Professionals do not rely on standard inbuilt microphones. They prefer a condenser microphone that comes with both active and passive noise cancellation. Because of this, you will never listen to any kind of atmosphere noise in their videos. These microphones also allow them to adjust their volume, pitch, and other sound components. From my point of view, it is the most essential gaming accessory that YouTubers use for recording their voice. You should also purchase it if you wish to start a career in YouTube gaming.  

  1. PowerStation:

A PowerStation is a combination of various gaming accessories. It is a compact cooling system for a game console that also features charging ports for controllers and space for keeping game discs. This multifunction gaming accessory is loved by YouTubers. A PowerStation looks cool and is very useful for a YouTuber to manage his game credentials. It solves most of their problems including heating issues, remote controller charging, storage for discs, and much more. This PowerStation comes with dual electric fans that prevent the game console to heat up during the long-term gameplays. It may look like an unnecessary gaming accessory but you will get to know his worth when you will use it. So, I recommend you must buy a PowerStation if you are looking for a career in YouTube Gaming.


YouTube Gaming is amongst the most popular career options for professional gamers. They keep on uploading their gameplay videos to engage target visitors and earn money from their views. Sometimes YouTubers show their gaming setup to their fans but they do not clarify which gaming accessories they have. Keeping this in mind, I found out 5 common gaming accessories used by them. These accessories are the reason that they represent perfect gameplay in front of you. Meanwhile, a set of accessories do not make a professional gamer, though their gaming skills do.

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