A complete guide to get TRA type approval

A complete guide to get TRA type approval

There are certain rules and regulations of a country and these rules and regulations are imposed by the authorities to make things work smoothly. Likewise there are also some specifications mentioned by the authorities to make use of good quality telecommunication mediums.

Whether it be the cables, the systems, mobiles, routers or tracking devices. These needs to be authorized and approved to use.

This authorization is given by Telecommunication regulatory authority also known as TRA. It has its own set of standards and requirements and if the requirements are being fulfilled then that user will be granted the permission to use or import that equipment.

What is TRA type approval?

Type approval is the process of determining whether a telecom device complies with the provided set of standards and policies.

If the device fulfills the requirements mentioned then the authorities will give the permission to the contractors and people selling or using it. These policies are defined and are must to comply with in order to certify safety in the equipment.

All those products that are granted the permission contain a TRA mark which certifies that the product is safe to be used and sold. To register with TRA it is necessary to declare the conformity of the product with the help of test reports and other required documents.

Why type approval?

Type approval is important because one of its objectives is to provide safety to the telecom equipment users.  These authorities make sure that equipment’s that are more likely to emit electromagnetic radiations and are harmful for the users should not be legal to use, sale and import.

Type approval encourages market competition and makes sure that the equipment’s being used are environment friendly and cause no harm to the people using it. This will bring transparency to the market and will encourage to come up with the best telecommunication equipment’s in the market.

 Also TRA approved equipment’s will catch the user’s attention and will gain their trust in using these equipment’s. TRA approved equipment means that your network is secure and is less prone to errors and failures.

How to get type approval?

TRA type approval is not an ordinary approval, to get the permission one must submit the sample test reports complying with the set of standards and specifications.

There are certain specified documents that need to be submitted to get registered with TRA. The documents asked for may vary from entity to entity. Also there are different documents required for various types of equipment’s.

There are certain equipment’s that do not required to be registered and certain entities that are not bound to get registered with TRA such as the equipment’s used in marine, aviation and for national security have the exemption. There are certain other situations mentioned by the authorities in which exemption for registration is granted.

Once the entity or a company gets registered by filling and submitting a form with the required documents mentioned by the authorities, the authorities give you a reference number.

And then comes the point where clearance is done. There are different rules to get the clearance done. If the clearance is for the local or commercial manufacturers then it is necessary for them to get their company registered with TRA first.

If the clearance is for non-commercial or for the purpose of exhibiting the equipment then only complying with the specified set of standards by TRA is enough.

After all these necessary steps the telecom devices will get the TRA mark and are good to go.

What kind of products need approval?

There are certain products that get the exemption of the approval rest all the wireless and telecom products should get themselves registered few of the equipment’s are mentioned below.

  • Mobile phones


  • Cables


  • Routers


  • WLAN devices

  • Bluetooth devices

  • RFID devices

  • Path navigation devices

  • Radars

And the list goes on. All the RTTE equipment’s require TRA approval.

Who will help to get type approval?

Getting the TRA approval is definitely a hard job to do and to make things easier there are third parties who help in getting the approval. These third parties link the one in search for approval with the authorities.

The authorities have made sure that the cost of getting the approval does not become a burden for the dealers that is why they have mentioned certain laws.

What is the life time of a certificate?

The approval granted to a company remains active for the time period of 3 years. Before the end of this time period the company has to register itself again by providing necessary documents and test results.

What are the drawbacks of not using a certified telecom equipment?

One of the major benefits with type approval is the surety of quality products. This will help in the usage of equipment’s that are beneficial in terms of business growth, speed, performance and safety to the people and environment friendliness.

If there were no standards mentioned then there would be no competition in the market to come up with good quality equipment’s. Also the people buying these products would be in complete confusion on whom to trust and is the product they are using healthy and safe enough to use. 

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