The Complete Guide To Corporate Travel Management

The Complete Guide To Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management is a chore that every big company has to manage now and then. Travel for work may occur every coming month or week. As the name suggests, it supervises anything and everything related to every travel that takes place in the firm. It is not only about looking after the travel tickets, but it is also regarding the employee’s stay, logistics, finances required while s/he is travelling, reimbursements, balancing the expenditure spent by the company as well as providing all the means required to the employee who is travelling, and much more.

  • A firm either chooses to collaborate with a corporate management agency and leaves it on them to handle all the business travel-related tasks or;

  • Hires a corporate travel manager within their own firm who takes care of all travels and expenses of the company and its employees.

Your Guide to Effective Corporate Management

It is essential one must follow a guide to corporate travel management for satisfactory outcomes and efficient management of the company’s finances.

Prepare an itinerary before-hand

Preparing an itinerary, way before the business trip takes place is a good start to effective planning. The itinerary should include everything from the flight or train departure to the stay, to the intra-city travel and arriving back.

Booking in advance

Avoid last-minute bookings since they may cause hassle and turn out to be costly. All the travel tickets, transport rentals and hotel rooms planned in the itinerary are to be booked way in advance. This helps in cost-cutting. Also, you can get your hands-on early-bird discounts. 

24/7 support system

All the employees must get 24/7 telephonic support while they’re travelling. This facility is low on cost yet extremely effective to avoid any blunders for the company. This also gives a sense of relief and the employee feels connected to their employer or the company while s/he is away in another city/country.

Plan B

Always plan an alternate for the last-minute inconvenience that may not be in our control. There may be situations like – flight delays that lead to reaching late for important meetings, flights getting cancelled, not being able to find transport at peak hours in the new city where the employee has travelled to, etc.


Bleisure is a portmanteau word made by combining ‘business’ and ‘leisure’. Companies of the new age want to ensure that their employees sent for official trips or errands can feel at ease too and experience leisure while travelling.

While a company is expanding, it needs to deal and make allies along. Therefore travel takes place all around the world. Nowadays, upcoming companies not only focus on the work-related tasks but also show concern regarding their employees so that they have a comfortable travel and stay, and that they are safe.

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